Kyle Doyle

I'm Kyle Doyle and I'm currently the Lead Designer of a major custom fabrication shop in Racine, Wisconsin.


Through Worlds Trailer

Team: Two Man Team

Role: Storyboard, modeling, materials, animation, lighting, post effects

Description: The Through worlds Trailer was a concept for a spoof game that was to be released only on the Atari 2600.



Hold Chaos

Team: Solo Project

Role: Storyboard, character modeling, environment modeling, vertex weighting, rigging, materials, animation, lighting, post effects

Description: Hairless demon rabbits from another dimension wage war on their unseen enemy. With their good ol’ friend Jambi they hope to stop the evil forces that threaten their species.



BrainWave Past Memory



BrainWave Dream World Sequence 1 – Atmospheric Animation



BrainWave Dream World Sequence 2 – Atmospheric Animation



For other various animations and models etc I’ve worked on, go to

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